HP 9133H Configuration switch?

From: Glen Slick <glenslick_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sun Jul 14 18:47:01 2002

Thanks for the config switch info. The 9133H unit I picked up came with the
config switch in position 8 and I originally formatted it on the IPC with 8
volumes. Maybe there is a limit on how many volumes the IPC can mount at
the same time? Only the first 6 volumes appeared to be mounted
automatically. I change the config switch to position 2 and reformatted the
drive as 2 volumes and that seems like it might be a better choice.

What controls the 256/1024 byte sector size? Is that up to the OS format
routine? Is there a CS/80 or SS/80 spec available anywhere to find out more
about how these HPIB drives work?

Are there any other sources of software for the IPC besides Pete's IPC
website? http://www.coho.org/~pete/IPC/integral.html

Now that I have a hard drive I don't really have anything interesting to
load on it yet.


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