IPC and 9133 Re: HP 9133H Configuration switch?

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Tue Jul 16 13:17:12 2002

At 04:45 PM 7/14/02 -0700, you wrote:
>Thanks for the config switch info. The 9133H unit I picked up came with the
>config switch in position 8 and I originally formatted it on the IPC with 8
>volumes. Maybe there is a limit on how many volumes the IPC can mount at
>the same time?

   I don't know. I don't think it's mentioned in the IPC manuals. I've never tried more than five units at a time.

 Only the first 6 volumes appeared to be mounted
>automatically. I change the config switch to position 2 and reformatted the
>drive as 2 volumes and that seems like it might be a better choice.
>What controls the 256/1024 byte sector size?

   Mostly the operating system of the computer. Also with 9133s other than the 9133H it will format to 1024 bytes/sec instead of 256 if it's an option 001 drive (true for series 100 and 200 computers, I don't know about the IPC). Some systems will let you specify an optional Format Option number on the Format command line and you can change the number of Bytes/Sector with that. I don't think the IPC supports that. You can also optionally specify the interleave factor. The series 200 machines with BASIC or Pascal support the optional parameters but I don't think that the IPC or the Series 100 machines do since their format programs are usually menu driven.

  MORE INFO: I just checked and settings 0, 1 or 9 on the configuration dial all cause the system to create one volume. I know that one setting prevents the drive from being re-formatted and one setting permits it to be re-formatted but I don't know what the third setting does.** According to my 9133H manual, the setting of the configuration dial does not affect the number of Bytes/Sector.

** I just checked the change pages. According to them configuration 9 causes the drive to be formatted into two volumes, one 4.68 Mb and the other 15.20 Mb. That very different from what's in the original manual. I wonder if this may only apply to later units?

 Is that up to the OS format
>routine? Is there a CS/80 or SS/80 spec available anywhere to find out more
>about how these HPIB drives work?

    I know that a couple of people on the list have them but I don't. I do have the Command Set docs for the flexible drives. The docs don't say so but I think this is the Amigo Command Set.

>Are there any other sources of software for the IPC besides Pete's IPC
>website? http://www.coho.org/~pete/IPC/integral.html

   I've got piles of the stuff but no way to duplicate it at the moment. And I STILL can't get TeleDisk to work with anything!

>Now that I have a hard drive I don't really have anything interesting to
>load on it yet.

    FWIW I've found that a number of drives that aren't specified for the IPC will still work fine with it. I'm using a HP 7958 on mine.

    WARNING: I'll repeat this here for the ones of you that haven't heard it yet. The HP double sided floppy drives **including those used in 9133H and the IPC** are prone to gumming up from dried gease. If you have ANY trouble inserting or ejecting a disk, DON"T FORCE IT! The top head will catch on the disk and be damaged. Remove the drive and clean it and then relube it with good quality grease then reinstall it. There's plenty of discussions and directions about how to do this in previous list messages so I won't go into details here.


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