From: Jeffrey Sharp <>
Date: Mon Jul 15 15:31:12 2002

This is your interim list admin speaking. Jay and I have been working
together to bring about a major change for the better for the ClassicCmp
mailing list system. It is important that you read this entire message.

Ever since the two-list system was implemented earlier this year, cctalk and
cctech have been somewhat separate communities. Posts from cctech were
automagically forwarded to cctalk, but no posts from cctalk were forwarded
to cctech. This could result in many on-topic conversations taking place in
cctalk but never reaching cctech, which greatly detracted from cctech's
value. This is no longer the case.

As of a few minutes ago, all posts to cctalk will be forwarded to cctech.
Each one will be subject to moderation, where I will weed out any off-topic
posts. All posts to cctech are still forwarded to cctalk as they have been.

In effect, the list has become a single unified ClassicCmp again, but now
with two interfaces. All on-topic posts to either list will be sent to both
lists. Off-topic posts will only be sent to cctalk. Subscribers to cctech
won't be left out of the conversation.

In a related change, posts to cctech will no longer have the "[CCTECH]"
string prepended to their subject headers.

This change may slightly adversely affect some subscribers. If you are
subscribed to both cctalk and cctech, you will need to either unsubscribe
from one of them or set the "no-mail" option on one of them. If you do not
do this, you will receive two copies of each on-topic message.

If you do stay subscribed to both lists, please exercise extreme caution
when posting. Your messages will forward between the two lists without
generally being subjected to moderator approval. Do not post off-topic
messages when your subscription is configured in this way.

Thanks, and enjoy the new ClassicCmp! Look for a new web site and FAQ soon!

Jeffrey Sharp
The email address is for mailing list traffic. Please
send off-list mail to roach jay ess ess at wasp subatomix beetle dot com.
You may need to remove some bugs first.
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