CRT problem

From: Dave Brown <>
Date: Mon Jul 15 16:09:01 2002

Tks for comments, Tom.

> Another solution, which I haven't tried yet is to remove the CRT from it's
> electronics
> and soak the face in a bath of acetone

 Thats the sort of thing I had in mind- cost of replacement is likely to be
prohibitive-as you suggest!
A 50/50 mix of acetic and formic acids is reputed to dissolve epoxy resin
but is probably not the best in this case as the stuff I have described as
silicon rubber is probably something else but looks very similar. I need to
find out exactly what it is I guess and then look for a solvent.

> Some people have indicated a fear of removing the lens from the tube face
> thinking
> that the tube may well implode without it.

I had expected the front protective screen to be either totally separate (as
it often was in very old tv sets etc) or only 'bonded' round the screen edge
but the bonding material plus front glass is obviously intended to form a
better lens/protective arrangement as well as better screen vision from the
tinting in the added glass. Been working with CRTs a lot over the years and
have not had an accidental implosion yet - but it certainlay pays to always
be protected in case.

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