more stuff available

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Jul 15 17:49:01 2002

        Still trying to cut things down a bit so have the following
available. Due to the size and weight I would prefer someone local.

        - DEC Pro380
                lots of stuff ,including the ethernet and TMS
options. also various manuals and microfiche. Is in the pedestal
case. not yellowed at all. POS loaded on the hard disk.

        - DEC DECmate II
                color and APU options. It was handled very roughly
at some point and the hard disk drive rails broke apart on the case.
Likely would need a new hard disk. some manuals.

        - Coleco ADAM memory console with printer and keyboard.

        I have just a single VR201 and LK201 to go with both DEC
machines. The LK201 is labled for use with WPS on the DECmate II.


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