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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Jul 15 17:53:01 2002's all located just outside of Washington D.C.


> Still trying to cut things down a bit so have the following
>available. Due to the size and weight I would prefer someone local.
> - DEC Pro380
> lots of stuff ,including the ethernet and TMS
>options. also various manuals and microfiche. Is in the pedestal
>case. not yellowed at all. POS loaded on the hard disk.
> - DEC DECmate II
> color and APU options. It was handled very roughly
>at some point and the hard disk drive rails broke apart on the case.
>Likely would need a new hard disk. some manuals.
> - Coleco ADAM memory console with printer and keyboard.
> I have just a single VR201 and LK201 to go with both DEC
>machines. The LK201 is labled for use with WPS on the DECmate II.
> Thanks
> Jeff
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