From: emanuel stiebler <>
Date: Tue Jul 16 13:38:01 2002

Andreas Freiherr wrote:
> Last night, I finally made it into the basement to dig out something
> like this. Found a M8044-DC (obviously a MSV11-DD) and a M8044-DF
> (apparently also a MSV11-DD). Both have regular 16k*1 chips in a 4*8
> array. I didn't find a difference between M8044-DF and -DC (rev level,
> perhaps?), aside from one using ceramic Hitachi chips (HM4716A-3) while
> the other has plastic Fairchild ones (MB8116E).
> If you're interested, I took a couple of pictures before storing the
> modules back. Let me know if you want them (~40kB * 6 .JPG files).

When did the vaxarchive go out of stile ?


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