Any DRI employees out there???

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Jul 16 13:17:22 2002

    What about John(?) Pierce? He was supposed to be DRI employee #3. I don't have his address but he has a large on-line computer museum so he should be easy to find.


>I'm also looking for anyone from DRI that accompanied Gary Kildall up to
>Grass Valley, CA. to Cyan Engineering's labs. They were owned by Atari
>under Warner Comm. From what I've been told Gary Kildall and a group
>DRI engineers travelled up to Grass Valley to disconnect and remove the
>11/730 or 750, not sure which. It was payment from Atari to DRI for the
>porting work. I've gotten one person's account, but I need to confirm
>with a 2nd witness before I can publish this onto the
>website as fact, thanks.
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