Motherlode or scrap ?

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Tue Jul 16 20:13:01 2002

 Well I finally got back to the salvage/surplus place to get a list of the HP
stuff they had and found they had another big room full of stuff they had
removed from a large government installation. This was in the attic of a large
building during one of the hottest days we've had up here and my sweat
was dripping on my notepad so please excuse my attempts to decipher my
notes. You must also realize that I'm a complete mini neophyte.

 The original HP stuff I saw :
 HP 12979A I/O expander
 HP 96MX System controller
 HP 7970B Tape Unit
 HP 1000 w/ cybernex 1100 term
 HP System 2748B
 There were also several HP 2624 A, B, and Standard K-Bs and some
monitors or terminals on the skid.

 The big room was dominated by about 50-60 Sybernex workstations
(which are similar to the Wyse ones so often tossed by thift stores),
heavy duty monitor arm stands, and metal desks. But then the goodies.

About 20 DEC VT420/320/220 terminals
A box of LK402 keyboards (20-30 of them)
An IBM 3278 terminal
A DEC VAX SA482 rack w/4 populated banks
About 10 Decwriter II's and III's
A DEC VAX 6310 in rack
2 very impressive-looking 5' MagTape racks
Honeywell CPUE 111
Morel DP S6/92

 There were many other things. Honeywell equipment, large printers. etc.
that I didn't write down.

 Do you think that the Gods are now demanding that I collect mini's, teasing
me first with the Pro 350's I rescued from the town dump recently?
And in the wilds of north central Manitoba.(Where in hell is that ?)
"Winnipegosis sounds like a disease."

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