Motherlode or scrap ?

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Jul 17 04:47:01 2002

 As much as I enjoy the foreplay could some of you mini freaks do me a line
by line description of what each of these "boxens" are ? Again. I am a mini
neophyte. Neither I nor the "owners" have a clue.



> Well I finally got back to the salvage/surplus place to get a list of the HP
> stuff they had and found they had another big room full of stuff they had
> removed from a large government installation. This was in the attic of a large
> building during one of the hottest days we've had up here and my sweat was
> dripping on my notepad so please excuse my attempts to decipher my notes. You
> must also realize that I'm a complete mini neophyte.
> The original HP stuff I saw :
> HP 12979A I/O expander
> HP 96MX System controller
> HP 7970B Tape Unit
> HP 1000 w/ cybernex 1100 term
> HP System 2748B
> There were also several HP 2624 A, B, and Standard K-Bs and some
> monitors or terminals on the skid.
> The big room was dominated by about 50-60 Sybernex workstations
> (which are similar to the Wyse ones so often tossed by thift stores),
> heavy duty monitor arm stands, and metal desks. But then the goodies.
> About 20 DEC VT420/320/220 terminals
> A box of LK402 keyboards (20-30 of them)
> An IBM 3278 terminal
> A DEC VAX SA482 rack w/4 populated banks
> About 10 Decwriter II's and III's
> A DEC VAX 6310 in rack
> 2 very impressive-looking 5' MagTape racks
> Honeywell CPUE 111
> Morel DP S6/92
> There were many other things. Honeywell equipment, large printers. etc.
> that I didn't write down.
> Do you think that the Gods are now demanding that I collect mini's, teasing me
> first with the Pro 350's I rescued from the town dump recently? And in the wilds
> of north central Manitoba.(Where in hell is that ?) "Winnipegosis sounds like a
> disease."
> Lawrence
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