HP9000 model 710 workstation(Apollo 700).

From: Rumi Szabolcs <rumi_ml_at_rtfm.hu>
Date: Wed Jul 17 06:24:00 2002

On 2002.07.16 at 23:36 Geoff Reed wrote:

>Anyone have any docs for this beastie? trying to get it up and running,
>need to know what sort of KB it uses, it looks like a funky RJ-45 ish KB
>connection :( also, what OS' are supported on this machine? biggest Hard
>Drive, etc..... and where can I find an OS for this machine???

The HP 9000/710 is a very nice box indeed. With 64MB RAM and a 4GB disk
in it HPUX 10.20 runs like a charm. With 32MB or less maybe you should
try HPUX 9.x. It needs a HP-HIL keyboard and mouse, those are sometimes
offered on eBay. But you can also use a serial console, just don't ask
me how to switch to it on that model... ;)


Szabolcs Rumi

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