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From: Dave Brown <>
Date: Wed Jul 17 06:07:00 2002

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> My only worry would be if the CRT envelope requires the extra bonded
> faceplate for strength. In other words, is the remaining glass layer
> thick enough to withstand atmospheric pressure?

Fair comment but I doubt it's an issue. This CRT has the look of an HP
jackup to it- it's basically a plain vanilla green screen CRT that looks
like they literally just glued this other stuff on it's front. I've never
seen anything quite like it before. Most of the computer terminals from this
era ( eg Ball monitors etc) had unbonded tubes I think- with separate
safety glass, often curved and usually tinted- this looks like HP were
trying to make it all look a bit better cosmetically without too much extra
I had a 'disposal' contract with ICL locally thru most of the 70's and early
80's--bonded CRTs only started to appear in their terminals towards the end
of that period. Think I tossed out the last of the 10" Ball monitors and
spares fairly recently.
Dave B, NZ
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