HP9000 model 710 workstation(Apollo 700).

From: Carlos Murillo <carlos_murillo_at_epm.net.co>
Date: Wed Jul 17 07:59:01 2002

At 02:40 PM 7/17/02 +0100, you wrote:
>On 2002.07.17 at 08:27 Jim Kearney wrote:
>>I have some RAM for this if you want it... Kingston KTH715/64s.
>Just watch out with that, because although the 712/715 memory
>sticks are really compatible with the 710 generally, but the
>KTH 715/64 kit has two 32MB sticks AFAIK, and specs are saying
>8x8MB is the maximum RAM for the 9000/710 so I'm not sure if
>32MB modules would work there...
>Szabolcs Rumi

I think that 710 memory is installed in quads, so it could
different from 715 memory. From the hardware compatibility guide:

RAM products:

Number Description Type SPU Hardware Support Comments

A2201A 8 Mbyte ECC RAM (one)Model 710 e
A2202A 16 MB (o e) Models 710 e ,745 i
A2216A 8 Mbyte RAM pair (2,4MB_at_)Models 705,710 Excluding Model 710 e .
A2217A 16 Mbyte RAM pair (2,8MB_at_)Models 705,710 Excluding Model 710 e .
A2218A 32 Mbyte RAM pair (2,16MB_at_)Models 705,710 Excluding Model 710 e .

Note: I think that 710e stands for an upgraded 425s, so it seems that the
original 710 can accept 8 16MB sticks for up to 128MB RAM (though you
probably need to put the HD in an external enclosure to limit power
consumption if you max out the RAM like this). Also from
the hardware compatibility guide:

CPU RAM Designs:

Model RAM Slots RAM Design Speed Comments
710?[/50] 8,2 quads - - Must be used in quads

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