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From: Greg Elkin <ClassicComputers_at_bouncy-castle.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed Jul 17 08:04:01 2002

friend of mine located in Leicester has the following manuals :

"set of VME Series 39 manuals. VME is the operating system that runs on ICL
mainframes. Nottingham City Council used to have one, but it was sold to an
oursourcing company a few years ago when we started migrating off of the
mainframe onto unix.

Now we are come to the Day of Doom for our mainframe apps - all will be gone
in a couple of months. I've been clearing out cupboards and have discovered a
few manuals that escaped the earlier purge, to wit and viz: Vocabulary of SCL
Command Specifications (4-volume epic) System Management Dictionary System
Management (2 off) Moving Workloads Work Scheduling SAM User Guide File
Transfer System Performance Accounting, Charging & Budgeting (2 off) ICL
Cobol C2 compiler (on open reel tape!) VME-X System Administrator's Reference
Manual VME-X User's Reference Manual OPENframework/92 Systems Integration
Guide ...plus a handful of smaller guides about diverse subjects

All in good nick. I will let anyone have them who wants them, on a first-
come, first-serve basis. Just pay for the postage. To give you an idea of the
size, this should all fit into 3 Walker's Crisps boxes."

contact richardh_at_mail.com if you're interested.
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