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From: Greg Elkin <ClassicComputers_at_bouncy-castle.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed Jul 17 08:10:00 2002

next time I change the subject line as appropriate & remember to say "located
in the UK" before hitting send...


> friend of mine located in Leicester has the following manuals :
> "set of VME Series 39 manuals. VME is the operating system that runs
> on ICL mainframes. Nottingham City Council used to have one, but it
> was sold to an oursourcing company a few years ago when we started
> migrating off of the mainframe onto unix.
> Now we are come to the Day of Doom for our mainframe apps - all will
> be gone in a couple of months. I've been clearing out cupboards and
> have discovered a few manuals that escaped the earlier purge, to wit
> and viz: Vocabulary of SCL Command Specifications (4-volume epic)
> System Management Dictionary System Management (2 off) Moving
> Workloads Work Scheduling SAM User Guide File Transfer System
> Performance Accounting, Charging & Budgeting (2 off) ICL Cobol C2
> compiler (on open reel tape!) VME-X System Administrator's Reference
> Manual VME-X User's Reference Manual OPENframework/92 Systems
> Integration Guide ...plus a handful of smaller guides about diverse
> subjects
> All in good nick. I will let anyone have them who wants them, on a
> first- come, first-serve basis. Just pay for the postage. To give you
> an idea of the size, this should all fit into 3 Walker's Crisps
> boxes."
> contact richardh_at_mail.com if you're interested.
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