SGI IRIS 1400 (longish)

From: Robert F Schaefer <>
Date: Thu Jul 18 09:38:00 2002

> Tothwolf said:
>> Does anyone have any info on these systems? There doesn't seem to be
>> much information left, and very little can be found on the web. I'm
>> somewhat tempted to try contacting SGI for a little more information,
>> but I don't know if there would still be anyone still there who would
>> know anything about this system.
> Er, I talk to SGI pretty frequently, and it almost certainly wouln't be
> worth the pain. It almost isn't for their new hardware :( I wouldn't
> do it, personally, but you're welcome to try...

What kind of pain? An arbitrary `NO', or just following the finger-
pointing to the right desk? If I knew I'd just get the former I wouldn't
bother, but the latter I could deal with to get some info on my 4D/35.

> - Dan Wright

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