SGI IRIS 1400 (longish)

From: Dan Wright <>
Date: Thu Jul 18 11:57:00 2002

Robert F Schaefer said:
> What kind of pain? An arbitrary `NO', or just following the finger-
> pointing to the right desk? If I knew I'd just get the former I wouldn't
> bother, but the latter I could deal with to get some info on my 4D/35.

It's pretty much the latter. The only time I get what I would call good
service is on my Origin 200, which we pay 24x7 hardware support for -- and
then, the service is great. Actually, the hardware support isn't too bad in
general, the software support is what can be a pain in the ass...

And remember, this is calling for NEW computers that we pay support on. You
can't really get into their system without a supported system serial #. You
could always try giving them the serial for your 4D/35 -- who knows, someone
might (accidently) still be paying maintenace on it :)

good luck, in any case...

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> > - Dan Wright
> Bob
- Dan Wright

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