Bootstrapping a CP/M system to usability :)

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Thu Jul 18 12:01:28 2002

>From: "Jim Battle" <>
>At 06:20 PM 7/17/02 -0700, Ross Archer wrote:
>>I'm suffering from what one might call the
>>"first program" problem. That is, I want to
>>download CP/M programs (editor, assembler,
>>and BASICK for starters) from the 'net and
>>transfer them from my PC to my "CP/M"
>>machine (A Commie 128 running CP/M+) to save
>>on floppy for later use.
>>I can boot CP/M+ on Commie, but the distribution
>>is very minimal. It doesn't even include ED.
>>It does have PIP, if this is useful, but no
>>MAC, BASIC, or any other goodies that might be
>This is what tried doing for my Sol.
>Yes, PIP is essential.
>Hook up a serial cable from your PC to your CP/M machine. Of course, there
>are all the problems of figuring out baud rate, parity, stop bits, and
>whether you need a null modem or not. I can't help you there.
> From the CP/M side, type (this is from memory, so you should consult any
>online CP/M command reference to get it right, such as:
>RDR: is logical device which might be a paper tape reader in the old days,
>but is perhaps mapped to your serial port. You need to figure out which
>device is connected to the serial port. (PUN: perhaps?)

 I find it easier to white a simple serial to memory routine
and then use SAVE to create the image files. One doesn't
have to worry about handshake since the program can run at
full speed. Since this is a true image, one can transfer
.HEX or .COM files without dealing with LOAD that is not
built into the command processor.
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