HP IPC for sale on E-bay

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Thu Jul 18 19:22:05 2002

At 09:06 AM 7/18/02 -0700, Lee wrote:
>The HP Integral PC is a neat little system.

   Yeah, tell me about it. I still have eight of them!

 Its an
>example of HP's approach to the PC marketplace, a
>great solution looking for a problem to solve.

  Actually it was intended to replace the HP-85. As strange as that may sound!

 BTW the
>unit runs a version of UNIX and not DOS/Windows.

   Actually it runs HP-UX.

>Seller doesn;t indicate if he has the original
>software discs. If not, and the system software is
>trashed on disc could be a problem getting it going.

    No problem. There are a number of people on this list that have IPCs and the SW. Besides the buyer might get lucky and find that it has the Software Engineering ROM in it. The SE ROM has a pretty complete HP-UX built into it. There's also a Technical BASIC ROM that has a MOL complete BASIC in it.

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