Indianapolis Hamfest Haul

From: John Boffemmyer IV <>
Date: Thu Jul 18 19:49:00 2002

As I imitate James Hetfield of Metallica... ATi Good. ATi GOOD! (instead of
All of my ATi cards (save one RageXL based Xpert98 and one Mach64 original
PCI) are still working to this day. Well, ok, sorta - the Radeon VE still
doesn't have real support for direct draw and has to compensate by updated
drivers and firmware updates to get around it, but it works on my system
and I use it for all my games. I'd say since you have all the same EPROMs
with firmware, you're a lucky bastard, it isn't easy to get the older ones
like that. =)
Can't say anything good about the Compaq, I've repaired too many and worked
with too many to go delving into my personal opinion...

At 07:49 PM 7/18/02, you wrote:
>Many did not think it was a great hamfest this year, but if a whole
>carload of stuff hauled home is any indication then I say it wasn't bad.
>One good item was a Compaq Portable III, good clean condition, fully
>working, and had the internal modem installed. $5
>This year I stuck around a little longer which means good deals on
>stuff they don't want to pack back up. One dealer had two eight foot
>tables full of customer returns and other 'as is'. I saw one item
>in particular and made an offer. He counter offered with a price for
>the entire contents of both tables for less than $10. I said what the
>heck. So far everything I have tested seems to work fine. I suspect
>a lot of customers try to install it themselves and just don't get it
>right and return it.
>Then there is the stuff that is pitched as it all winds down. A friend
>and I were standing next to a trash barrel when someone brought over some
>stuff. We grabbed some items. Among that was two full tower PC cases,
>and a old 486DX2/66 desktop. Turns out the 486 is a good machine for
>testing various components, so it has found a home on my test bench.
>Also a couple ATI video cards that are the same card as in the machine I
>am writing this on, the same right down to the firmware numbers on the
>EPROMS. It's nice to have some spares.

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