New (but selling used) computer shop, and hauls

From: Robert F Schaefer <>
Date: Fri Jul 19 07:16:05 2002

> booming business selling internet ready 486 machines for $50. A lot of
> those sales are made because he is willing to extend financing to his
> customers. Yep, that's right, customers financing a $50 computer. He
> wasn't too happy when I told him I give them away because I got more of
> than I know what to do with from people bringing them by all the time
> and other sources.

Sounds like a good place to visit once a week. Maybe you could kill two
birds with one stone-- trade him those old peaseas for store credit!

BTW, where is this place located?

> I have since been told by a more 'upscale' store that he is bugging
> them all the time, wanting technical advice and the like.
> Oh well, each to his own.
> Mike

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