New (but selling used) computer shop, and hauls

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Jul 19 09:06:23 2002

    Interesting story. You should trade him some of your give away machines for some of his "worthless antiques"!


At 09:26 PM 7/18/02 EDT, you wrote:
>There seems to be a number of shops springing up around here selling
>used Wintel. I try to visit each new one just to see what is what.
>Most times, one visit is enough.
>The latest one was an experience. The owner knows absolutely nothing beyond
>Intel. On the first visit, he took me to one back room. It is full of
>of Apple stuff and more. He mentioned some keyboards in another back room
>and said they use a modular phone plug. We went for a look and he held
>one up with the keys facing me. I told him to look at the tag, it should
>say LK401. His mouth dropped open. Also had a couple IBM model M keyboards.
>I was then out of time and had to leave.
>On my next visit I made a couple of offers and picked up some stuff.
>The first was the box full of LK201/401/402 keyboards. Just over a
>dozen for $5 for the box. Also got three Apple IIc's with power supplies,
>but no monitors nor mice. I suspect they are there if I were to dig deep
>enough. A friend wanted these and was content to get just the machines
>for $5 each.
>A rough list of known Apple stuff remaining is 6 SE's, 6 ImageWriters,
>5 or 6 external drives, 3 GS's, and a scanner. There was three
>LaserWriter II's the first time and he seemed willing to sell them for
>around $10 each. However, I goofed by not taking them then and there.
>Someone offered him $50 each before I got back. My friend and I are
>trying to decide what to offer for the remaining Apple pile.
>After having sold some stuff (i.e. cash in his pocket), he was eager to
>show me some more old stuff in the basement. He mentioned having a lot
>of terminals down there and I assumed might be DEC to go with the keyboards.
>Nope, most it was absolutely total junk.
>He is quite proud of his store and proud of the fact that he is doing
>a booming business selling internet ready 486 machines for $50. A lot
>of those sales are made because he is willing to extend financing to
>his customers. Yep, that's right, customers financing a $50 computer.
>He wasn't too happy when I told him I give them away because I got
>more of than I know what to do with from people bringing them by all
>the time and other sources.
>I have since been told by a more 'upscale' store that he is bugging them
>all the time, wanting technical advice and the like.
>Oh well, each to his own.
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