HP 1600A State analyzer available

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Fri Jul 19 09:06:33 2002

   FWIW several HP logic analyzers and some of their other test equipment use the same probes so they're easy to find around surplus places. They also show up on e-bay frequently and usually cheap. I may have a book for it. I'll look.


At 01:48 AM 7/18/02 -0700, Den wrote:
>I know it has been quite a while, Do you still have this puppy? or a book for it?
>Den www.densnet.com den_at_densnet.com
>Sorry but it has no probes, these will have to be scavenged for. Its in
>pretty good shape and easily meets the 10 year rule. Probes aren't too hard
>to find if you look carefully. Anyway, its free for the cost of shipping it
>somewhere, or if you are near Sunnyvale California (94087) then you can
>just pick it up.
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