Old Macs - ROM p/n's, etc...

From: John Rollins <kd7bcy_at_teleport.com>
Date: Fri Jul 19 09:29:01 2002

It's been a long time since I've done anything with my really old
Macs(128k, 512k, SE), so my memory is really straining here. Can
anyone point me towards some web sites or maybe post info on which
ROMs are which, various P/N's, and other useful info. I'm trying to
build a system for a friend that wants to play with an old Mac. I
have an old Mac case with an unknown system board or ROMs, but it
doesn't have a floppy drive in it right now. I have a nice little
pile of 800k drives, so I need to know which chips to look for when I
go searching for my Mac Plus ROMs(I think I still have at least two
lose sets around). Links to places with software would also be
useful. Hmm. I'll probably have to setup my LC to make the disks for
the system. Used to be that I could identify almost any Mac part from
50 feet... OK, maybe closer for the IC's ;-) I haven't touched them
in so long I can't remember anything. I guess I can blame it on my
iMac(I named it Thumper because it has an iSub behind it - the whole
thing would bounce around the table back when I was using MacOS 9
with the iSub controls. Still nice sound with X, but not quite as
much. Gotta love that green jellyfish look at night...).
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