HP-HIL to ps/2 convertor possibility

From: roosmcd_at_dds.nl <(roosmcd_at_dds.nl)>
Date: Fri Jul 19 09:17:00 2002

> > There's a guy in the UK that is selling an adaptor for PS/2 KB's/mice to
> > HP-HIL that is supposedly just wired through... is this
> > possible?!?!?! does anyone have the pinouts for the HP-HIL port?
> Totally impossible [1]. The signals are not even close between the 2
> interfaces.
> [1] OK, somebody could make a keyboard that could work with either PS/2
> or HP-HIL interfacee sgnals with just a plug change, but AFAIK HP never
> did.

 I've heard this before, the item is listed here:


 with a picture of it here:


 So what about it? It looks suspiciously like it's just a few wires. My guess
is that since he mentions it's for certain machines, that those machines have
ps/2 signals on the hp-hil connector. Any other ideas?

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