PDP 11/44 startup: ?CP didn't start

From: VAXnet <felten_at_vaxnet.de>
Date: Sat Jul 20 14:44:00 2002

Hi, I just repaired the powersupply of my pdp 11/44 and cleaned the box.
When powering up, the console terminal only shows:

(Console V3.40C)



?CP didn't start

I guess this is bad news....
Does it mean Central Processor didn't start? (just guessing, but the RUN-
light stays dark, DC-LED is on and the key works)
Since i don't have a manual for the 11/44 i really don't know where to
start. I searched the web for a scanned KD-11-Z manual, but found nothing.

The actual configuraton is minimal, I insterted the processor, cache, ram,
CIM and bus terminator like this:

A - B - C - D - E - F
M7090 X X X X CIM / CIS (option)
X X X X X X CIS (option)
--------M7093-------- FP11-F FPU
--------M7094-------- KD11-Z data path
--------M7095-------- KD11-Z control module
--------M7096-------- KD11-Z multifuncion module
--------M7097-------- KK11-B cache
--------M7098-------- KD11-Z UNIBUS interface
--------M8743-------- MS11-PB 1 Meg Ram
X X X X X X MEM (option)
X X X X X X MEM (option)
X X X X X X MEM (option)

G=Grant card.

I do have the "processor handbook pdp11/04/24/34a/44/70" (printed in 1981,
EB-19402-20) and tried some of the console commands. HELP works fine and
gives a lot of HELP-text, but doesn't help much: all other commands tell
me ?CP didn't start. I tried using the processor without FPU and disabled
cache, but nothing changes. All DIP switches and 'Jumpers' (soldered) are
still in default position.

What can i do now ?

Any idea is very welcome....

Regards, Lothar

PS: Would it be usefull to anybody to scan the (entire?) processor
handbook? I don't know how usefull this book can be to someone else...
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