SGI support -- the easy way

From: Mark Grieshaber <>
Date: Sat Jul 20 17:40:14 2002

On Fri, Jul 19, 2002 at 09:47:43AM -0400, Robert F Schaefer wrote:
> > are fewer of them). But here's the trick to getting great, interested
> > personal support: get friendly with your local SGI Systems Engineer.
> > S/He will be (generally) very interested in your call and problem, and
> > won't (generally) even bother asking for serial numbers, etc. In my
> > experience working at SGI, the SEs were a very dedicated, helpful and
> > knowledgeable lot. And believe me, SEs have access to a *LOT* of
> > information buried inside the company (including knowing who the
> > old-timers are, etc). I miss that easy access to info...
> I'd love to play phone tag with one of them. My only problem is that I
> don't have a local SGI Systems Engineer. I've never had a support contract
> with SGI, and quite honestly, I doubt I'm *ever* going to have a service
> contract on *any* of my computers (as the newest one I own is only a few
> years away from being On Topic, and may be upwards of fifth-hand).
> Perhaps you remember the extension of a helpful soul who would like to see
> the older machines saved from the evil scrappers?
> Bob

I exited SGI over a year ago now (along with about 1000 other folks at
the same time). A year ago I could easily have given you names and
numbers of half a dozen SEs who would have been delighted to talk with
you at length. At this point, I unfortunately no longer recall phone
numbers (and many of those folks are gone, of course -- there have been
at least two more purges since I departed).

If you want to give me a few days to get an ok, I might be able to pass
on a contact for the most experienced Field Service Engineer I know
(also no longer with SGI!). He was my FSE when I was a customer, back
when we had one of the first 4D/240s, and one of the first 4D/340s,
etc. He knows it all. I'll contact him and ask if he has time for
questions (like me, he's currently swamped with startup stuff).

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