ST-225 help needed

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Mon Jul 22 14:55:01 2002

On Mon, 22 Jul 2002, Glen Goodwin wrote:

> Hope someone can help . . .
> I have two Seagate ST-225 drives and a WD1002SWX2A controller. Both drives
> have previously lived in XT-class DOS-based PCs. One of the drives is
> bootable, the other is not.
> What I need to do is set both drives up in the same PC, booting from the
> bootable drive (duh) so that I can extract the data from the non-bootable
> drive. The object of the game is to move the data to a modern
> (Duron-based) system. I can't boot from a floppy disk drive due to a fault
> in the motherboard, but I do have a SCSI controller and hard drive in the
> XT system. I can move the SCSI drive to the newer system once I can get to
> the data on the non-bootable ST-225.
> What is the proper configuration for the ST-225 drives and the WD
> controller?

Is the WD controller the same one that the drives running on in the XT?
If not, it is possible that you will not be able to boot/read the

Assuming that this is not a problem, and assuming that you are using a
cable with a twist, both drives should be set as the second DS and the
bootable one should be connected beyond the twist. Be sure that you
connect the proper 20 pin connectors to the appropriate drives. Set
the BIOS to no hard drives and let the BIOS on the controller handle
the drives. Boot 'er up.

Hopefully, you will be able to write to a floppy, or it might be
difficult to save your data from the data disk.

                                                 - don

> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Glen
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