ST-225 help needed

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Mon Jul 22 15:52:01 2002

> From: Don Maslin <>
> To: classiccmp <>
> Subject: Re: ST-225 help needed
> Date: Monday, July 22, 2002 3:53 PM
> Is the WD controller the same one that the drives running on in the XT?
> If not, it is possible that you will not be able to boot/read the
> drives.

It is the same controller that originally wrote the data to the drives.
> Assuming that this is not a problem, and assuming that you are using a
> cable with a twist, both drives should be set as the second DS and the
> bootable one should be connected beyond the twist. Be sure that you
> connect the proper 20 pin connectors to the appropriate drives.

No problem there. Both drives are set to second channel, and the cable has
a twist, but the controller does not see the second drive. Now I need to
know how to configure this controller for a dual-drive setup.

> Set
> the BIOS to no hard drives and let the BIOS on the controller handle
> the drives. Boot 'er up.

Hmm, no BIOS setup program on XT-class machines ;>)
> Hopefully, you will be able to write to a floppy, or it might be
> difficult to save your data from the data disk.

Actually, the system can't write to a floppy, but the system does recognize
a SCSI drive connected to an 8-bit controller, so I can move the data to
the SCSI drive and then put the SCSI drive into a system with a usable
floppy drive.

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