ST-225 help needed

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Mon Jul 22 16:16:00 2002

> From: Marvin Johnston <>
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> Subject: Re: ST-225 help needed
> Date: Monday, July 22, 2002 5:08 PM
> One way to actually see if the HD is being recognized by the system is
> to use fdisk, option 4 (display ...). If fdisk doesn't see it, then
> there is a hardware problem someplace ... bad cable, wrong jumper
> settings on the HD and/or controller, bad HD controller, bad HD, etc.

FDISK sees only one drive.
> If there is a motherboard problem, why not just use an AT motherboard
> with the CMOS set to no drives? Besides being able to read the HDs, you
> will be able to use high density floppys.

The other MBs I have here are all '486 and higher and do not recognize the
controller card (I have two identical cards).
> I don't recall the parameters for your HD controller ... the older ones
> needed to have a jumper set on the controller for each drive, while some
> of the newer ones did that with software and some information put on the
> HD itself.

This controller has jumpers.

> How do you know the motherboard is a fault for not being able to read
> the 360K drive?

Because I replaced the FDD controller and floppy disk drive with known good
units, and still cannot read any floppy diskette.

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