whole collection of TRS computers FA on E-bay

From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Mon Jul 22 16:16:31 2002

 Another of the money-extracting ideas that marketing execs come up with.
Fortunately mine was a thrift-shop find.

 It is kind of neat as an artifact tho.


> > > mags ? And a 6 tape audio demo of Scripsit ?
> Is it just me, or was that audio course for Scripsit one of the most
> useless, brain-dead, insulting, ideas ever tried? Particulalry as the
> version of Scripsit that I bought (new, back when it was a current
> product) didn't come with a proper manual (just the pictures for the
> course), so you _had_ to listen to those darn tapes to learn how to use it.
> -tony

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