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Date: Tue Jul 23 08:59:00 2002

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> I have two Seagate ST-225 drives and a WD1002SWX2A controller. Both drives
> have previously lived in XT-class DOS-based PCs. One of the drives is
> bootable, the other is not.
> What I need to do is set both drives up in the same PC, booting from the
> bootable drive (duh) so that I can extract the data from the non-bootable
> drive. The object of the game is to move the data to a modern
> (Duron-based) system. I can't boot from a floppy disk drive due to a fault
> in the motherboard, but I do have a SCSI controller and hard drive in the
> XT system. I can move the SCSI drive to the newer system once I can get to
> the data on the non-bootable ST-225.
> What is the proper configuration for the ST-225 drives and the WD
> controller?

I've got two WD1002S-WX2 controllers in front of me. one ie Rev E, the other
Rev F. I'll assume that is close enough for government work.

Towards the back of the card is J1. You will need a ribbon cable with
a 34 pin header connector to plug into J1. There should be two other
connectors on the cable and this will plug into both drives. The drive
connectors should already have a 'key tab' in them that lines up with
the notch on the drive's circuit boards.

Left of J1 is J2, a 20 pin header connector. You will need a ribbon cable
to plug into J2 and that will connect to the bootable drive.

Left of J2 is J3, also a 20 pin header connector. You will need another
ribbon cable to plug into J3 and that will connect to the non-bootable

Between the two boards there are some differences in the setup, i.e. the
jumpers in place on the board. First is W6 near the back of the board.
First board has a jumper on 1-2, the other on 2-3. Also right at the
back of the board is a 16 pin header connector. It is labeled SW1.
I suppose some versions may have a dip switch instead. Watch the numbering,
it is numbered 1 2 3 4 8 7 6 5. First board has jumpers on 3 and 5, the
other board has 3 & 5 open. I have no documentation on these particular
boards, so no idea what those jumpers are for.

Years ago, I was able to find documentation (pdf files) on similar controllers
on the web. It may still be available.

One thing that comes to mind here is the drive interleave. The controller
you have is 3:1 interleave. So I have to ask. If your drive(s) were
formatted on a controller with a different interleave, are you going to
be able to access the data on this controller?

Since I haven't messed with an MFM drive in a long time, that is a question
for someone else on the list that has worked with them more recently.

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