ST-225 help needed

From: Sipke de Wal <>
Date: Tue Jul 23 13:06:00 2002

There is also the matter of termination

Only the last drive on the 34-pin controller cable
needs a resistorpacket installed somewhere on the

If both drives have terminators things could go wrong
if none has terminators things will go wrong

IRCC the 34-pin controller cable had no twist
and each drive had its own datacable (20-pin)

Sipke de Wal

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> On Mon, 22 Jul 2002; "Glen Goodwin" <> wrote:
> > I have two Seagate ST-225 drives and a WD1002SWX2A controller. Both drives
> > have previously lived in XT-class DOS-based PCs. One of the drives is
> > bootable, the other is not.
> >
> > What I need to do is set both drives up in the same PC, booting from the
> > bootable drive (duh) so that I can extract the data from the non-bootable
> > drive. The object of the game is to move the data to a modern
> > (Duron-based) system. I can't boot from a floppy disk drive due to a fault
> > in the motherboard, but I do have a SCSI controller and hard drive in the
> > XT system. I can move the SCSI drive to the newer system once I can get to
> > the data on the non-bootable ST-225.
> >
> > What is the proper configuration for the ST-225 drives and the WD
> > controller?
> I've got two WD1002S-WX2 controllers in front of me. one ie Rev E, the other
> Rev F. I'll assume that is close enough for government work.
> Towards the back of the card is J1. You will need a ribbon cable with
> a 34 pin header connector to plug into J1. There should be two other
> connectors on the cable and this will plug into both drives. The drive
> connectors should already have a 'key tab' in them that lines up with
> the notch on the drive's circuit boards.
> Left of J1 is J2, a 20 pin header connector. You will need a ribbon cable
> to plug into J2 and that will connect to the bootable drive.
> Left of J2 is J3, also a 20 pin header connector. You will need another
> ribbon cable to plug into J3 and that will connect to the non-bootable
> drive.
> Between the two boards there are some differences in the setup, i.e. the
> jumpers in place on the board. First is W6 near the back of the board.
> First board has a jumper on 1-2, the other on 2-3. Also right at the
> back of the board is a 16 pin header connector. It is labeled SW1.
> I suppose some versions may have a dip switch instead. Watch the numbering,
> it is numbered 1 2 3 4 8 7 6 5. First board has jumpers on 3 and 5, the
> other board has 3 & 5 open. I have no documentation on these particular
> boards, so no idea what those jumpers are for.
> Years ago, I was able to find documentation (pdf files) on similar controllers
> on the web. It may still be available.
> One thing that comes to mind here is the drive interleave. The controller
> you have is 3:1 interleave. So I have to ask. If your drive(s) were
> formatted on a controller with a different interleave, are you going to
> be able to access the data on this controller?
> Since I haven't messed with an MFM drive in a long time, that is a question
> for someone else on the list that has worked with them more recently.
> Mike
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