How to Print CD Label

From: Chris <>
Date: Wed Jul 24 22:48:05 2002

>IIRC, the HP DeskJet 800 series can't print on the last 1/4" or so of the
>page due to their design. I think this is a common problem with other
>DeskJets too.

Well, at least in my case, I know the cutoff is kind of high. High
enough, that I don't think it is page grab space. The CD label stops a
good inch up from the bottom, so it is failing to print 1/4" above that.

If it was something that mattered a whole lot to me, I would get around
to testing to see if it is the DeskJet, or the Avery software, or an
interaction between the two (the third is my guess, simply because I used
to use the DeskJet all the time, and never noticed a problem, and the
Avery software has no problems printing to my laser printers for full
pages. Also, I know the latest version of the Mac software had a problem
with Epson printers, where it froze the Mac... Avery recently released a
patch to fix that, so they may have a problem with HP DeskJet printers as

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