Weird assed Apple ][ card

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Thu Jul 25 00:14:00 2002

On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Tothwolf wrote:

> > Has anyone ever heard of a PaceMark Technologies IIEasy Print card for
> > the Apple ][? You'd think it was some sort of printer interface with
> > the name. However, the edge connector simply has power leads, no data
> > or address. So this card cannot communicate with the Apple ][. I
> > imagine it must have been a daughterboard for some other card?
> >
> > It has a copyright date of 1989 silk-screened on the board. It also has
> > a DB-25 connector tail on the rear.
> What kind of chips does it use? Maybe its a printer buffer of some sort?

Good guess. That was the thought of a colleague. It has a few Toshiba
chips on it. Sorry, I don't have it with me currently but they seemed to
have been some sort of memory chips.

By chance I found I have a //e with the same card in it but there is no
daughter board connected to it so the mystery remains.

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