Amstrad PPC640

From: Derek Thompson <>
Date: Thu Jul 25 21:34:02 2002

I have recently come across a nice Amstrad PPC640 portable (but heavy!) computer, with the case and the whole lot..even a power supply, which is often missing from this kind of stuff and it can take years of going round boot sales to get replacements with the more unusual ones...Upon plugging it in to the mains and switching on, everything seems to be starts buzzing and the screen comes up with "Please Wait...."
It then scans drives a and b and lets out three short bleeps..I thought these may be due to it needing a boot disk, as these things have no hard disk so obviously need something..both drives a and b are 31/2" 720k, so I made some MS-DOS 6.22 boot disks on my 386 using 720k disks..obviously they did nothing in drive b, but when I put them in driveA I sti;ll got my bleeps, but it started to read from the disk..the screen went blank so I waited assuming it would ask for the date and time, or come up with command..but nothing - a blank screen...but when I typed in B: or A: followed by [enter] it procceed to try and scan that particular drive.
I have no idea why this is and need help from someone more farmiliar with the machine..but just for a guess I'd say if this machine was made in 1988, Dos 6 ismore recent than the portable, so I'd need probably dos 3.3 or something. Can anyone help me with the laptop or getting dos 3.3? I'm totally stuck!
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