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From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Thu Jul 25 21:37:01 2002

Here are some answers to some common questions I have been getting:

Pricing is damn good. Basically, all parts, even new, are free. I might
actually *make* you take more than you need. Some of the Teletypes have a
price tag - World War 2 TG-7s and MITEs will be market priced, 33s and 35s
will be cheap (no Ebay prices here - probably free to $25), most others
will actually cost you a cold beverage (the building has no water
currently so *cold* drinks are most welcome) or two. Some of the more
interesting Teletype doodads will also be in the free to cheap range (more
free than cheap).

The other junk in the warehouse (_no_ digital computer stuff, folks, so
don't expect any PDP things) will actually cost money. I am far more
interested at this point, however, in making the Teletype stuff
disappear. If you come for Teletypes, certainly you can look around,

I will need to have a few days notice, as I would like to give the
building owners some warning that I will be having guests. Next week, or
the week after, are probably good times - Mondays thru Fridays, business
hours, in Paterson, NJ (bring a baseball bat and leave your expensive car
in the garage). You will get dirty.

William Donzelli
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