Thinning the herd

From: Richard A. Cini, Jr. <>
Date: Sat Jul 27 21:26:01 2002

Hello, all:

        I'm starting to go through my collection and figure out what things
I don't use enough to justify the space. It's a small list, but if anyone is
interested, contact me off-list.

        * IBM ThinkPad 750T (pen-based computer with doc). Comes with power
                brick, dock and 185mb PCMCIA hard drive. PenWindows 95
        * IBM PC Convertible. Boots fine; battery shot. Comes with boot
disks and
        * IBM PC Portable. Nice condition. Never really investigated what's
on the HD.
        * Micromint MPX-16. Nice condition. In case; no floppy drives.
Comes with
                tech manual and about 60 disks. This one comes directly from
                Steve Ciarcia's attic via Bob Stek. There's even a copy of
                unreleased MS-DOS 1.25 (doesn't seem to boot, however).
                Only about 800 of these were made.
        * Spare Motorola MECB; untested.
        * Compaq SLT/286 with Windows. I may have the docking station
                for this, too.

        So, there you have it. Here's a list of things I'm looking for:

        * MAME-suitable monitor VGA-arcade style 21" or better.
        * "real" terminal: Hazeltine or ADM3 style.
        * S100 connectors (11, for a plain-jane Vector Electronics active
                and/or Vector S100 case. Alternatively, diagnostics services
                get a N* working (actually, mostly VG cards in a N* case).
        * working drives for Radio Shack Model I with EI (has Percom
        * Tandy PDD2 (portable disk drive) for Model 100.
        * ??? Open for suggestions.

        Thanks for the bandwith.

Rich Cini
Collector of classic computers
Build Master for the Altair32 Emulation Project
Web site:

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