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From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Sat Jul 27 21:41:00 2002

> Maybe we could get someone that is in the area to
> deal with shipping various items ( for a small overhead ).
> I could use a few items myself, for a 33. Of course
> an entire machine would make a good spare but shipping
> cost a lot and they really are too heavy to put in
> a cardboard box ( that is why I need some parts ).
> Is there anyone in the area that could work as a middle
> man?

I do not care if someone acts as a middle man for shipping, however, some
ground rules:

1) *I* will not ship this items. Period. I will certainly help move and
load them into you vehicle, but that is it. This whole thing is a serious
business deal for me, and I do have time constraints.

2) If you get a middleman for shipping. he *must* remove the gear from
the warehouse and store it elsewhere. I can not hold things.

3) 33s are high on everyone's list, and I count 5 units so far (some
preety good, some pretty bad). There may be more. First come first serve
on these, one per TTYgeek, - I really can not tag things
for people. I will warn the list when I *think* all of the 33s are gone.
This warehouse is an enigma - I have been going there for six years, yet
I still manage to uncover 600 pound racks of equipment I never saw
before. There literally could be dozens of 33s buried.

4) Paterson, NJ is the place. Contact me before coming, as I would like
to limit the number of TTYgeeks per day to about 2 (so the owners don't
go bananas).

5) Monday (hopefully), the first people will start coming. They will
receive emails with directions within minutes.

6) Yesterday, while looking, I see that there are lots of teletypewriter
doodads. I mean lots. I can not even begin to inventory, or even answer
specific wants, as I am simple swamped. I may try, but don't expect much.
The best bet is to just take your chances and come on down. I will warn
the list when the pile has really shrunk.

7) So far I have seen Teletypes, WU tagged units, Seimens, Kleinschmidts,
lots of AN/UGCs, and probably some other weirdness.

8)You don't *have* to bring cold drinks, as there is a deli thing across
the street.

William Donzelli
Received on Sat Jul 27 2002 - 21:41:00 BST

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