latest anti-haul from the local Goodwill

From: Chris <>
Date: Sat Jul 27 22:51:01 2002

>> Maybe tomorrow I will take a few old clothes to be "donated" and I'll
>> poke around a bit more. I wonder if dumpsters are considered like
>> curbside garbage, once you toss it, it is public domain? (I don't know
>> the cops in that town as well, so I might get hassled if I am back there
>> dumpster diving at 3am)
>One of the places had a big sign making the claime that it was stealing to
>take anything in (I agree), on (maybe) or around (don't think so) their
>drop-off dumpster. It's since been replaced with a big sign claiming
>leaving anything on the ground is illegal dumping and will be prosecuted to
>the full extent of the law.

I'm really not looking to steal from the drop off (that does seem a bit
wrong). My dumpster reference was to their garbage dumpster in the back.
They don't have a drop off dumpster there... just the back parking lot
near the back door. People appear to just drop stuff on the ground.

I figure I will look in the garbage dumpster to see if they toss the
unwanted CPUs in there. That is my question regarding legality... taking
from a garbage dumpster. I know regular household garbage, as soon as you
put it on curbside for pickup, is public domain, and anyone can help
themselves to it (that includes non-bulk pickup, regular garbage... so it
is legal for someone to root thru your garbage to pull out unwanted
pre-approved credit card applications... it is just illegal for them to
submit them to get a card in your name).

So I didn't know if a business garbage dumpster was public domain as
well, since you can't drag that to a curb. (I suppose there would be a
trespassing issue, but that might be tough to enforce on a place that
allows you to come on their property to drop off stuff)

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