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From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Sat Jul 27 23:34:00 2002

> I figure I will look in the garbage dumpster to see if they toss the
> unwanted CPUs in there. That is my question regarding legality... taking
> from a garbage dumpster. I know regular household garbage, as soon as you
> put it on curbside for pickup, is public domain, and anyone can help
> themselves to it (that includes non-bulk pickup, regular garbage... so it
> is legal for someone to root thru your garbage to pull out unwanted
> pre-approved credit card applications... it is just illegal for them to
> submit them to get a card in your name).

This varies. Some places have laws against anyone except the
designated garbage collectors from picking up items from the
garbage. In some places these are due to recycling and proper
disposal, and in others the laws are for health reasons. There
are people that will climb in a dumpster and dig around to see
what they can find, and dumpsters are exactly the healthiest

In Plano, for instance, you can't take anything from someone's

Sec. 18-6. Residential refuse container.
(l) No person other than the current resident of the property
containing a collection location, a city collector, or an authorized
refuse contractor shall remove, pick up or transfer refuse materials
which have been placed in a refuse container in any residential
subdivision or at any single-family residence. Each violation of
this provision which occurs from one (1) or more collection
locations shall constitute a separate and distinct offense punishable
as provided in section 18-3 of this chapter.

Sec. 18-15 covers the same for business refuse and recyclable
materials, and Sec. 18-16 covers the same for residential
recyclable materials. The fine can be up to $2000.00.
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