latest anti-haul from the local Goodwill

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Date: Sun Jul 28 06:27:04 2002

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> On Sat, 27 Jul 2002, Chris wrote:
> > from a garbage dumpster. I know regular household garbage, as soon as
> > put it on curbside for pickup, is public domain, and anyone can help
> > themselves to it (that includes non-bulk pickup, regular garbage... so
> City of Berkeley v Eldridge Cleaver ~1988?
> Court ruled that it all belonged to the city, once at the curb! (and that
> Eldridge's recycling business constiuted "theft"!)
> But common sense says that since the intent was to get rid of it, that any
> disposal is OK.

You'd think so, wouldn't you. I don't know the laws around here, but
they're either in our favor or not enforced. Around september, when the
students come back to skool, it's like they just throw *EVERYTHING* out and
ask daddy for more. Without going too far OT, I've gotten everything from
complete peaseas and power macs throught RL05. I kid you not-- I pilled a
pair of 'em from beside a dumpster last year. I'm gonna go back and look
for the rest of it this year. ;)

[OT] I heard on TV (so I know it really happened!) some crook got off
because he pitched the murder weapon into someones' trash. The cops pulled
it out and busted him, but the courts ruled that since he thought the trash
couldn't be searched, the evidence was inadmissable. And my taxes go to pay
these guys!


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