Teletypes (update)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Jul 30 00:11:01 2002

--- William Donzelli <> wrote:
> There are also 2 unused, still-boxed 33s with 101A Datasets.

Do you know if these have the rotary dial or the touch-tone keypad? I
have one with the touch-tone pad that I stupidly removed when I was much
younger and much more hasty than I am now. I would like to put it back,
but I don't know where the leads go. I'm hoping that a) it's the touch-
tone variety and b) whomever gets it from you is nice enough to send
digital pictures and/or c) there are docs.

> For these latter items, I am accepting offers. Still pick up, or you
> arrange shipping.

I'd love to, but as I mentioned before, you are bit far from Ohio. :-(



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