Teletypes (update)

From: John Allain <>
Date: Tue Jul 30 19:32:01 2002

>> There are also 2 unused, still-boxed 33s with 101A Datasets.
> Do you know if these have the rotary dial or the touch-tone keypad? I

The ones that I saw of the '33 type (me no expert) had touchtone,
but this warehouse had many machines (some MIL, some teletype-type)
with a pulse dialers on them.

Here's a rave about the rest (long).

A good word for the Donzie's woarehouse experience. First off to see
is the magnitude of everything. The Armory encloses an area equal to
the MIT swapmeet, with about 2~3 times the mass of items (in boxfulls
instead of just covering tabletops) and of course no PeeSee. I spent a
whole day there which was just about enough, considering the MIT
swapmeet takes me about 3 hours.

There certainly are enough teletypes... I estimate about 50 of them
-various models- in complete assembly but in good/used condition,
unboxed with a small amount of dust in them. There are also some
same-era Siemens machines of teletype function. For teletypes there
is about maybe 60' x 6' x 3' of boxed replacement parts, we also found
informtion booklets and packets for TT scattered around (this is day 2
of WD's many-week holding of the warehouse) things will only get more

Of interest to me
The real neat stuff for me were beaucoup 19" racks with MIL stuff in them.
We're talking here about meters, switches, actuators, scopes,
waveguides, gear drive actuators, really the more interesting things you
can find in racks, short of an actual PDP-1.
Also many testsets (meter boxes) and on and on. I can keep writing about
this but you may get the idea by now... Indiana Jones' lost Arc is in there

John A.
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