U of M Property dispo

From: Jason McBrien <jbmcb_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Jul 30 11:38:00 2002

Took a trip to the University of Michigan property disposition, had some
interesting things:

A few IBM 7xxx serial disk array subsystems. One in the old white rack, and
one double RS/6000 black rack. The double rack has 8x2GB, 8x2 rack drives
for a total of 128GB of disk space. I think they wanted $10,000 for both
An older model (early 90's) tape autoloader and controller, with the
*superbad* big green LED displays on top.
An Ardent mini. Not sure what model, but it's about 2.5' wide and around
4.5' tall. $75 and it's yours :)
A bunch of Sun SBUS FDDI cards.
A bunch of Sun SPARC 10's, 20's, 4's and 5's. A bit overpriced at $100 each
as many were stripped.
A DEC TA-78 (I think) tape drive.
A couple rackmount CD-ROM farms.

Other fun stuff:
A HUGE AmPro video projector. About a yard square and over a foot thick,
must have been for a main lecture hall.
A few complete, professional film developing systems. I think they had a
16mm movie developer as well.
An X-ray machine, the big kind that swivels around a gurney.
Misc. video editing gear, like S-video patchbays and editing VCR decks.

I didn't pick up anything, but I might go back for a nice sun monitor and a
few CD-ROM drives.
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