Some Great Finds Today

From: Keys <>
Date: Tue Jul 30 18:42:33 2002

Well today was pretty good to me but I also missed some nice items at the auction.

1. A working Vectrex, console and one controller only no games with it. $5
2. A NES Stack-up cartridge for ROB the robot and it had the special Famicon board and Famicon-to-NES converter inside. $6
3. A Advanced Electronic Applications, Inc. Computer Patch Interface. It's a gray metal box with the following on the faceplate Filter - Tune - Var Shift - STBY/PTT - NORM - OFF/ON - PWR light. Under the Filter title are three buttons named VAR - 170 - CW.
It's a model CP-1 and on the back are lots of phono ports. Anyone have info on this unit?
4. Got several books, generic pc's such as 386 and P166's, some 14" monitors, and some ink jets all for $10.
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