Some Great Finds Today

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Tue Jul 30 19:12:01 2002

On Tue, 30 Jul 2002, Keys wrote:

> Well today was pretty good to me but I also missed some nice items at the auction.


> 3. A Advanced Electronic Applications, Inc. Computer Patch Interface.
> It's a gray metal box with the following on the faceplate Filter - Tune
> - Var Shift - STBY/PTT - NORM - OFF/ON - PWR light. Under the Filter
> title are three buttons named VAR - 170 - CW.
> It's a model CP-1 and on the back are lots of phono ports. Anyone have
>info on this unit?

This is an early AEA (some years out of business now, assets bought by
Timewave Inc., interface box for decoding Morse Code and
Radio Teletype signals.

  'Var Shift' refers to the different modulation methods used by RTTY
signals, they are FSK and use one tone to denote a 'mark' and one tone to
denote a 'space' with the difference between the two called the 'shift' of
the signal.

   'VAR - 170 - CW' is for Variable shift, a fixed shift of 170 Htz, or
Morse Code... this is a filter adjustment and usually the code part is
fixed on a center frequency of 500 - 900 htz.

  As for usefulness, opinions may vary, but it is quite a primitive little
box, compared to thier other products, and similar products of competing
manufacturers... there are quite a few of them around, in fact I saw two
or three at the recent hamfest I attended over the weekend.

  Hope this helps a bit.


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