Teletypes (update)

From: John Allain <>
Date: Tue Jul 30 20:33:00 2002

> Tell us of these glorious finds, so we can enjoy them
> vicariouly!

I'm a TTY wimp. The ones I looked at had a proprietary (IE
normally inside the case) connector with what looked like a
normal 5/12v power connector, only more pins, 5x4, instead
of 1x4 IIRC. If someone can pin this out for me I'm goin' back!

Also: Radar consoles, VGC. Would make a neat rack to
house an early vector graphics system. About 6 of them of
different types. And storage racks from medium to "Home
Depot" scale. Also: WD now has his own under-wing
radar system in aerodynamic pod.

> Heck, I'd like to hear an MP3 of one printing (all I've found
> the 'net was model 19's).
Rent, no buy, 'Andromeda Strain' or 'Colossus'...
everyone here should have a copy.

John A.
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