Teletypes (update)

From: Loboyko Steve <>
Date: Tue Jul 30 19:59:22 2002

Tell us of these glorious finds, so we can enjoy them
vicariouly! No time to visit, and no room for anything
anyway! Sure would like an ASR-33, though. Heck, I'd
like to hear an MP3 of one printing (all I've found on
the 'net was model 19's).

--- John Allain <> wrote:
> >> There are also 2 unused, still-boxed 33s with
> 101A Datasets.
> > Do you know if these have the rotary dial or the
> touch-tone keypad? I
> The ones that I saw of the '33 type (me no expert)
> had touchtone,
> but this warehouse had many machines (some MIL, some
> teletype-type)
> with a pulse dialers on them.
> Here's a rave about the rest (long).
> A good word for the Donzie's woarehouse experience.
> First off to see
> is the magnitude of everything. The Armory encloses
> an area equal to
> the MIT swapmeet, with about 2~3 times the mass of
> items (in boxfulls
> instead of just covering tabletops) and of course no
> PeeSee. I spent a
> whole day there which was just about enough,
> considering the MIT
> swapmeet takes me about 3 hours.
> There certainly are enough teletypes... I estimate
> about 50 of them
> -various models- in complete assembly but in
> good/used condition,
> unboxed with a small amount of dust in them. There
> are also some
> same-era Siemens machines of teletype function. For
> teletypes there
> is about maybe 60' x 6' x 3' of boxed replacement
> parts, we also found
> informtion booklets and packets for TT scattered
> around (this is day 2
> of WD's many-week holding of the warehouse) things
> will only get more
> orderly.
> Of interest to me
> The real neat stuff for me were beaucoup 19" racks
> with MIL stuff in them.
> We're talking here about meters, switches,
> actuators, scopes,
> waveguides, gear drive actuators, really the more
> interesting things you
> can find in racks, short of an actual PDP-1.
> Also many testsets (meter boxes) and on and on. I
> can keep writing about
> this but you may get the idea by now... Indiana
> Jones' lost Arc is in there
> someplace.
> John A.
> an unpaid endorsement

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