WTD: 6502, 6522, etc CPU and support ICs

From: Ross Archer <dogbert_at_mindless.com>
Date: Wed Jul 31 00:17:33 2002

Philip Pemberton wrote:

> I'm currently trying to build up a 6502-based SBC but - in true Sod's
>Law fashion - my supplier has dumped the entire 6502 CPU series, despite the
>fact they're still made by California Micro Devices. Anyone (preferably in
>the UK) got a few spare MOS Technology, Rockwell, Synertek or CalMicro 6502
>ICs? I've also seen some photos of 6502 chips with a "VTI" logo - probably
>VLSI Technology; anyone ever seen one of these? There is a photo of one on
>http://65c02.tripod.com/ - see "SBC-1 Hardware", first photo (right at the
> If anyone with spare stock of 6502s and/or 6502 support ICs could e-mail
>me offlist with prices, I'd be very grateful.

I'd be happy to help with the NMOS 6502s, and
if Jameco won't ship 65C51, 6522s or 65C02s
to UK, then I'll be willing to drive up, pick them
up, pack them and ship.

We 6502 folks got to stick together. :)

-- Ross
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